Tour eiffel at sunrise from the trocadero

Why Partner with World Wikia?Edit

Because we're doing something really cool. Our goal is to create the most comprehensive and highest quality travel site. And we want your help to do this! If you have a travel website and make your content available to us, we'll give you credit for your content and provide a link back to your site. What's in it for you? First, you'll have a free source of traffic to your travel site. Second, and on a deeper and more human level, you'll be an integral part of creating a new, exciting, and completely different type of travel guide. Together, we can build a world of information for travellers which is based on the experiences of ordinary people and devoid of corporate bias. Ultimately, our hope is to have a thriving web community of travel enthusiasts throughout the world who want to share their knowledge so that everyone can have access to the most accurate, freely available, and up-to-date information about every place travellers want to go.

If this sounds good to you, leave a note for Bill Kaufmann on his talk page, or send him an email at bill at wikia dot com.

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