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A free travel directory that you can edit





a short introduction to editing wikis at Wikia

a short introduction to editing wikis at Wikia

our short tutorial

Welcome to World Wikia
A free travel directory that you can edit

Add information, create new pages, and share experiences about the city where you live or the countries where you've travelled. To start editing, click the edit button at the top of any page or section, or create a new article by typing its title in the box at the bottom of this screen. We're currently working on 2,547 articles.

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Boston, Massachusetts

  • Great City Wikis:
Beijing, Chicago, Detroit, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Keene, NH, Korea, Long Island, New York, New Zealand, Ottawa, Pakistan, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Vancouver
  • Don't see your city? Check here for over 100 City Wikis.
  • City Wikis are currently in 10 languages and dialects:
Andalusian, Dutch, English, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Thai
Advice for visitors, tourists and travellers
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Trinidad, Cuba

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Other Travel Information

Why Not Sit For A While?
Stories, diversions, ways to explore
  • Ever had a nightmare travel partner? Tell your story here.
  • How to stay for free: Ever barter for a bed? Make your home on a stranger's couch? Found the world's most comfortable bus station. Do tell!
  • Add a favorite to the list of 100 places to visit before you die



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