Virginia Beach is an independent city located in the South Hampton Roads area in the Commonwealth of Virginia, on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The city is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the 39th largest city in the US, with a total population of 447,000.[1] It is the third largest suburban city in the United States after Long Beach, California, and the fourth largest in North America. It has more characteristics of a traditional county rather than of a city, by definition. The southern half of the city consists of rural farm and marsh land. Edit this section or read more

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  • Courtyard Virginia Beach Norfolk 5700 Greenwich Road. Phone: +1 757-490-2002. The Courtyard Virginia Beach hotel near Norfolk offers free high-speed internet and spacious guest rooms.



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For the most part, the beach restaurants are less food for more money. Most of my favorites are off the beach.

On the Beach: Mahi-Mah On beach at 6th st. High quality food. They don't overcook the tuna. Wings, clams and oysters at happy hour.

Nawab First Colonial north of Laskin Excellent lunch buffet, $6.95 great bargain Chat papri was a dish with garbanzos, cold

Bubba's- 3323 Shore Drive excellent value, inexpensive, good crabcakes, - great seafood and a good view of Lynnhaven Inlet (off Chesapeake Bay).

Lynnhaven Fish House Starfish Rd. off Shore Drive Quite good, pricier

Thai food: don't remember the name but it is in Hilltop Shopping Center, east of Borders.

Smokehouse - in a strip mall on Shore Drive. Surprisingly good.

Captain Georges - If you want an All You Can Eat of medium quality but great variety, this is the one to do. I try to avoid it but my wife drags me here.

Formosa Seafood Buffet Chinese buffet, lunch $6.95, diner $10.95 in shopping center off Laskin, just east of Captain Georges. If you want to pig out on seafood (and the usual stuff) with a Chinese flair.

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