Repbulic of Verde
Area claimed 1 m2
Population 6 (2011)
Date of foundation

13 August 2011

25 November 2015

Monarch Harold


Al Villarruel
Vice President Owen Fitre, Steven Hyde
Languages English, Spanish, French
Purported currency Sealand dollar (pegged in value to USD)[1]
Capital HM Fort Roughs
Ethnic groups North American
Demonym Verdish
Claimed GDP US$600,000 (US$22,200 per capita)[2]
Time zone GMT


On August 13, 2011, Villarruel created the Republic of Verde, and declared himself to be its president


the Laws in Verde is that kids and adults under 18 need to go to day school in the U.S. and go to night School in Verde, and the second major law is that need to keep the country safe and clean.


the time in Verde is foward 4 years from 2011 in 2015, due to better things and will stay 2015 for the whole time, and more things have been diffferent then other countries.


Pepsi Perfect - a Water Soda by PepsiCo

Fedot - a Beverge for people 12 and older


Lemon Soup - a Soup made out of lemon (sometimes lime), salt and chile pepper

SpicyNuts - peanuts with spicy sauce in it

Pumkin Seeds - seeds made out of pumkin

Jalepleno Cheeseburger - a Cheeseburger with japeleno cheese inside

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