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Vatican City
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Vatican City


44 ha (110 acres)



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Flag of Vatican City
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Vatican City

St. Peter's Square, the Vatican.

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Hotels and lodging


The sistene Chapel

the Swiss guards that guard the pope

the pope

the smallest country in the world


Maps and transportation

Getting to Vatican City

The Vatican City has no airports. There is one heliport and an 852-metre (932 yd) standard gauge (1435 mm) railway that connects to Italy's network at Rome's Saint Peter's station. The railway is used only to transport freight. Rome's metro line A passes about 10 minutes walk north of the Vatican.

The City is served by an independent, modern telephone system and post office. A bit of conventional wisdom in Rome is that international mail dropped in a mailbox in the Vatican will reach its destination more quickly than one dropped only a few hundred metres away in an Italian mailbox.[citations needed] People sending mail to the Vatican are advised not to write anything other than Vatican City State for the destination on the envelope. The reason for this is that this enables mail to be sent directly to the Vatican - otherwise it would go through the postal systems of other countries, which would cause a delay in shipment to the Vatican. The Vatican has an official website, radio station, and satellite TV channels.

Exploring Vatican City

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