Dubbed the southernmost city on Earth, Ushuaia is the capital of the Argentinean province of Tierra del Fuego. Where the Andes meet the Beagle Channel lies a natural harbor from which a small town rises to the colossal mountains surrounding it. This 100% crime-free city (likely the only one in Argentina) was ironically, much like Australia, founded as a penal colony, a Victorian panoptical that still stands as the only historical attraction of the area (besides a DC-3 I found near the military base).

The town itself doesn't hold much interest but it's a port to some of the best skiing resorts, departures for Antarctica and the most breathtaking National Park where one should not be surprised to see friendly wild foxes hunting some of the millions of man-introduced bunnies.

Besides the unmatched beauty and virginity of its surroundings Ushuaia is best known for being the port of access to Antarctica (and the only place where you can get last-minute fees for the cruiseships that take you there).

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