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    Sydney- An Iconic City

    November 23, 2015 by Aroundtheglobe

    Sydney is a world-renowned city, full of cosmopolitan areas, iconic beaches and landmarks that are ingrained of tourist worldwide. Besides being the largest city population wise in Australia, Sydney is also the most visited. The variety of attractions for tourists within this hub are plentiful; from wonderful Bondi and Manly beaches to the unforgettable Sydney Opera House.


    Hostels: Hostels normally cost between $20-$40 dollars for a dorm room (sharing), whilst a private room can be between $35-$50. Some hostels in the centre of Sydney are known to tourists because of the accommodation, dedication of staff and location.

    Budget Hotel Prices: Hotel prices fluctuate and vary massively from location to location in Sydney. Typically, a budget hot…

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