Unlike other countries in Europe, Hotels and Restaurants aren't child friendly, and it is best to explain very clearly if you have small children or babies in your party. People are generally intolerant of children, and some restaurants and hotels do not allow children at all.

There are chains of cheap/affordable hotels which will offer very basic accommodation (usually all in the same room together) for parents and children, at a set rate per night, but often hotel prices will be per person per night, with children over 12 being charged separately. It is essential that you establish what price you are paying and what is included in the price, particularly if you are on a budget. Many hotels have special offers for off-peak times, which can sometimes be bargains. It's worth asking a hotel if they have any special rates available when you book.

Tourist information centres can help you to plan your trip, providing information about the places you are going to, and the sights the main English Tourist Board site (EnjoyEngland)[1] has links to independent Tourist Information Centres around Britain.

Public lavatories are very variable in the UK, from the exemplary to the disgusting and back again. Restaurants and pubs will usually have a customer loo, and so it may be worth buying a lemonade or a cup of coffee in order to use the facilities. Garages often do not have customer lavatories. Most of them are self-service.

The law on children going into public houses or inns has been relaxed, but this does not mean that all pubs will allow children on the premises. Some have rules which mean children are only allowed until 9pm. Caliandris 20:17, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

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