Learn how to earn more air miles and travel awards through frequent flyer program tricks. Why pay for cheap tickets when you can fly free?

Credit Card Deals Edit

  • American Express, Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum Optima: Get 1,000 bonus points and no annual fee for the first year ($30 thereafter). Starwood points can be traded for airline points on every major airline (United, Delta, USAir, etc.) with a 1:1 ratio, and if you exchange 20,000 Starwood points for airline points, you get a 5,000 point bonus (so the ratio is really 4:5 -- better than any other card).
  • US Airways Visa: Signature cardholders earn 25,000 bonus miles, Platinum cardholders earn 10,000 bonus miles and Classic cardholders earn 5,000 bonus miles after you make your first purchase.

Partner Deals Edit

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