Truck stops are very interesting places.  It is a good place to take a break and watch trucks come and go.  Some people enjoy photographing the diesel pumps.  Truck stops also have repair shops and truck washes (although the truck washes are often operated by a separate company).  Real truck stops have more pumps for trucks than for 4 wheelers.  An example of such a truck stop is the TA in Matthews, Missouri.

Truck stops are part of bus travel.  Sometimes Greyhound buses stop for breaks at truck stops.  An example of this is the Pilot in Decatur, Illinois.  Truck stops are serve as bus stops in some small town.  The Pilot in Effingham is an example of this. 

Many truck stops have national fast food outlets.  These outlets sometimes have a limited menu and are usually more expensive.  An authentic truck stop has a sit down restaurant. 

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