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Beach in Troncones

Troncones is a sleepy little beach area about an hour north of Zihuatenejo and about 30 minutes north of Ixtapa. The town is spread out for about a mile along a dusty road which parallels the beach. Surfing and sunset-watching seem to be the popular activities here. The beach is perfect for walks, runs or reading.

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Sunset in Troncones

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

  • Inn at Manzanillo Bay
  • Regalo del Mar
  • Mi Casa Es Su Casa - a friendly and funky hotel with 16 rooms and owner's suite located on the beach. While we were there, they had problems keeping the power and hot water going. Then again, you don't go to this part of Mexico if you want fluffy towels and multiple nozzle showers.
  • Present Moment Retreat - Recently opened by four yoga fanatics. Beautiful and peaceful place with rooms that are open air yet private.
  • Casa Majahua - a eco-friendly vacation beach home with swim-up pool bar and hot tub.



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There are many restaurants along the beach in Troncones.

  • El Burro Burracho -- "The Drunken Burro" is an open air, picnic-tabled, seafood restaurant right on the beach at the south end of town. A lot of fun, especially when enjoyed with a few margaritas and friends.
  • The beachfront bar at Mi Casa es Su Casa serves a mean margarita/grasshopper combo drink.
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Trip to nearby market

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