If you travel frequently, power travel tools can become a necessity.

  • Noise cancelling headphones - BOSE has some excellent ones
  • Power adapters
    • You can get multiple country electrical adapters
    • IGO Everywhere 130 can reduce the number of gadgets you need
  • Travel pillows - a neck pillow is key for longer flights
  • Eye mask - the cheapest purchase that can improve your trip
  • Ear plugs if you can stand them help remove the sub-sonic noise of the engines. It turns out this is part of what makes you tired after travel, so in addition to making it easier to sleep, it helps you sleep better

Travel doesn't always go smoothly. It can be useful to have some "basics":

  • Medication (especially prescription medication)
Note: If you are checking your luggage, make sure you have enough medication with your carry-on luggage to last until the prescription could be refilled if necessary.
  • Water
Note: With the new travel restrictions on airlines liquids may not be taken on as carry-on.
  • Snacks (snack or breakfast bars travel well)
  • Something to do/amuse Some ideas are
    • reading materials
    • puzzle book
    • walkman or iPod

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