August 10, 2006Edit

Due to the break-up of a potential terrorist plot to create bombs and destroy planes travelling between England and the U.S....

  • No liquids, cremes or gels are allowed in carry-on luggage. These are allowed in checked bags.
    • Water, coffee, duty-free liquor or perfume, or any liquid purchased beyond security checkpoints are not allowed on board.
    • Exceptions are made for baby formula, milk and medicine.
  • Some flights have been cancelled; many are delayed.
    • Travelers should allow extra time in advance of any flights.
    • Traffic is being reported as slower near some airports, including Detroit's DTW.
    • Security lines are longer at most major airports.

September 29, 2006Edit

  • Liquids, cremes or gels are now allowed in carry on as long as containers are less than 3 ounces and are enclosed in one clear, quart-size, plastic bag.

Reference SitesEdit

  • U.K. Department of Transportation: Airline security
  • U.S. Transportation Security Administration: Where We Stand (current threat level)
  • CNN report on new standards for liquids on US Air transit: article
  • TSA tips site: 311

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