Toledo is the largest city in northwest Ohio.  About 300,000 people live there.

Toledo is accessbile by Interstate 75 and the Ohio Turnpike (I80/I90 in this part of the state).  You can get to Toledo via Greyhound.  There is a Shell near the bus station.

There is an art museum in Toledo.

There is a Hollywood Casino in Toledo.  It is right off of I75.  The machines do not accept $1 bills (suuposedly this is done to the employees don't have to empty the hoppers as often, no because they want you to gamble more).  Parking is free and blackjack is only $10 per hand.  Unlike in Cleveland there is not as much fun stuff next to the casino.  If you are willing to walk under I75, there is a Days Inn and Mexican restaurant.

You should eat at Tony Packo's.  There are several locations in the city (including one next to the ball park).  Their hot dogs and pickles are awesome.

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