How to travel

Reasonable Travel in Japan Edit

JR( Japan Railway Company) [1]Edit

SEISHUN 18 Kipp (Seasonal Tickets): These tickets are sold in Winter, Spring, Summer

  • 2/20 - 3/31 (valid until 4/10)
  • 7/1 - 8/31 (valid until 9/10)
  • 12/1 - 1/10 (valid until 1/20)

Tickets are sold in the set of 5 Coupons. But in Tokyo you can get 1 ticket separately in Kinken-shops(Discount ticket shop which are located near big JR stations). This ticket enables you to use all local trains except Rapid, Limited Express, and Shinkan-sen(Bullet train). [2]

Other ways (Bus, Air, Car)]Edit

Highway Bus (Many companies provide many routes)

Bus travel (from Tokyo to major local cities) Major bus terminals are located at Shinjuku, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Hamamatsu-cho JR station. See this site.

Air Line

All Nippon Airways(ANA): this company provides good network service throughout the Japan.

Japan Airlines(JAL): Japanese major carrier

SkyMarkAirlines: This company provides only 6 routes from Tokyo. But the price is probably cheapest.

Cars In Tokyo, it is not recommend for driving. If you want. You should use highway only.

Cheap Ticket in Tokyo Edit

Metro 1 day ticket: all subway stations are selling this ticket for 1 day free travel. But in Tokyo, there are two companies. Toei and Tokyo Metro. So before you buy a ticket, ask the staff in the subway station.

JR East - East Japan Railway Company (for travel around Tokyo)

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