Tipping rules:


  • France
    • When driving, the person on the right always has the right of way when driving
    • The French often use the formal version when talking to strangers, so use Vous, not Tu
    • In France 5% is considered generous. For individual meals or coffee 1 euro is often left
  • In Hungary, the average tip for services is 10-20% for taxis, restaurants, etc.


North America

  • In the US, at a restaurant with table service, 15% tipping is ok for normal service, 20% for great service, 10% for bad service. If you have a group bigger than 4 or 5 people, the tip may be added to your bill (check on this so that you don't end up double tipping). At other types of eateries, such as places where you pick up your food at the counter, tipping is optional.
  • Tipping taxi drivers in the US is very common, but not mandatory. There is no generally accepted rate for taxi tipping.
  • Egypt
    • When living in Egypt - wear sunblock

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