Safari Africa and Ituri Forest: See some of the finest natural wildlife at close hand - African elephants, Grevy's and Hartmann's Mountain zebras, Reticulated giraffes, Warthogs, Meerkats, Southern white rhinos, Lesser kudu, Red river hogs, East African Crowned Cranes, Dromedary camel, Hammerkop, Okapis, African penguins, Cheetahs, Pygmy hippos and much more.

Wallaroo Station: Designed especially for families, this interactive area has tons of things to see and to do. It's an Australian adventure with Yellow-footed wallabies, Palm cockatoos, Flying bat fox, New Guinea singing dogs, Laughing and Blue-winged kookaburras, Emus, Llamas and more

Asian Gardens and Sulawesi Aviary: Get up close to the many rare and endangered animals in the Asian Gardens. Watch as the White Bengal tigers explore the water's edge. Observe the Indian rhinos at play, then come across a Clouded leopard and all her spots, marvel at the Komodo dragon and Barbirusas, and plenty more to satisfy a guests walk through Asian Gardens.

Sulawesi Aviary: See Mandarin ducks, Victoria crowned pigeons, Masked lapwing, Green-naped Pheasent pigeon, Reeve's muntjac, Indian star tortoises and more waterfowl and tropical birds.

Lorikeet Landing: Get up close with Dusky, Green-naped, Swaison's, and Weber's Lorikeets. There is also Buff orpington chickens, Bantam roosters, and Helmeted guinea fowl in this aviary.

Florida Boardwalk: Stroll along the boardwalk and see the many animals whose native habitat is Florida. From land, sea and sky, guests will be amazed at all the wonderful creatures that make Florida home. Don't miss the two interactive areas in the boardwalk—The Harrell Discovery Center and Stingray Bay where guests can feed and touch Cownose and Southern stingrays. The Zoo is recognized as a state center for Florida species conservation and biodiversity. There are species like the Alligator snapping turtle, American alligator and American crocodile, Bald eagles, Florida black bears, Florida panthers, Red wolves, Roseate spoonbills, playful North American river otters and many more.

Florida Manatee and Aquatic Center: Descend below sea level for an enchanted look at Florida's beloved and endangered manatee. Twin observation pools allow for year-round, up-close viewing. Check out the David A. Straz, Jr. Manatee Hospital and observe Zoo staff caring for manatees rescued from the wild. The Zoo operates the only non-profit manatee hospital in the world and to date the hospital has cared for more than 290 manatees. There are also snakes species like the large Burmese python, Southern copperhead, Canebrake, Pygmy and Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, Scarlet king snake, Spotted python and lastly the Florida Cottonmouth.

Primate World: Swing into Primate World where monkey business is a daily occurrence. See Bornean orangutans, Chimpanzees and brilliant-colored Mandrills. Catch a glimpse of the Pygmy marmosets and Golden-lion tamarins.

Other species like Collared and Ring-tailed lemurs, Red-tailed guenons, Siamangs, Titi monkeys, Silvered langurs, Angolan black-and-white colobus monkey, and Wolf's guenons. The majority of these primates are endangered in the world. As you visit each one, learn about where they are from and what you might be able to do to protect them.

Birds of Prey: Also known as raptors, the birds of prey make amazing debuts in the "Spirits of the Sky" show.