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Units of measurementEdit

The metric system is used in Taiwan. Speed limits, highway markers, and speedometer information are given in kilometers.

  • Distance/length
    • Centimeter (公分)
    • Meter (公尺 or 米)
    • Kilometer (公里)
  • Volume
    • Liter (公升)
  • Weight
    • Gram (公克)
    • Kilogram (公斤)
    • In produce markets, Taiwanese weighing units are also used. One tai jin or simply jin (台斤 or 斤) is equivalent to 600g. In Taiwanese/Hokkien, this unit is called kin.

Clothing sizes may be scaled to suit East Asians; therefore, always try the clothing on before purchasing it.


Electricity is supplied at 110 Volts with a frequency of 60 Hertz. Taiwan uses power plugs and sockets that are equivalent to either the Type A/NEMA 1-15/2-pin or Type B/Nema 5-15/3-pin standard, which generally means that appliances from North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Japan can plug into Taiwan's electrical sockets.

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