Sokobanja view

Panoramic view of Sokobanja, Serbia.

Sokobanja is situated in the southeast of Serbia, between mountains Ozren (117 m) and Rtanj (1560 m), on the riverbanks of Moravica, at the height of 400 m above the sea level. Sokobanja is 230 km away from Belgrade and can be reached by the main highway. It is one of the most often visited resorts in the country, and belongs to a group of renowned tourist centers with the longest tradition of organized tourism.

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The best suites, apartments, pansions, rooms for rent you can find at local portal site or at mirror site:

Also, Hotel Zdravljak is at and Hotel Banjica at


Nature was very generous to Sokobanja, and created heaven on the earth. It's hard to decide what is more beautiful: Sokograd, Lepterija, Ripaljka, Kalinovica as famous vacation areas, mountains Ozren and Rtanj, famous for abundance of medicinal herbs, or river Moravica and Bovan Lake which is close to Sokobanja. It is one of the richest lakes in fish and it is very attractive for swimming during the summer. In the northeast of Sokobanja, there is a Spa called Josanica, known for its healing mineral waters and mud with healing properties. Medical indications: chronic stomach inflammation, gallbladder and duodenum inflammation, chronic urine infections, diabetes, anemia, skin conditions, eczem


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