Skopje is the capital of Macedonia. It's home to around 750,000 people, a surprisingly large city.

Hitching North, South and East Edit

To Belgrade (Serbia), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Athens (Greece).

From the center of Skopje, get bus number 2 (or any other bus that heads for Avtokomanda) eastwards all the way to the last stop. This is the eastern edge of Skopje city proper, on the main road east before the turn off north towards Serbia.

It's around 5 km before the road splits into North (Belgrade, Sofia) and South (Greece), so have a sign saying which way you want to go. For north, I recommend a sign saying 'KU' (in Latin, not Cyrillic since it's the way the car number plates work) for Kumanovo (the first city before the Sofia junction), and for south 'VE' for Veles - the first big city south.

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