Siena, Italy.

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  • Hotels in Siena, Italy are classified by stars as in the rest of Europe. There are five official categories of hotels from the most expensive luxury 5-star hotels to the cheapest and simplest 1-star hotels. For further informations about Hotels visit Siena OnLine



  • Discover the main shopping streets and squares in Siena, Tuscany. A virtual stroll past some of the city's smartest shop windows.

Find clothing and shoes, souvenirs, objects and gadgets, fine foods, jewellery and watches, typical products shops, stores, restaurants and pizzerias, wine bars, trendy bars, music clubs and more with just a click of your mouse ... by Shopping Siena

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  • AI TRE CRISTI Via Provenzano, 1/7 Tel. +39 0577.280608 Closed Tuesday persons 30/60

AL MANGIA Piazza del Campo, 42-46 Tel. +39 0577.281121 Closed Monday persons 40/50

AL MARSILI Via del Castoro, 3 Tel. +39 0577.47154 Closed Monday persons 40/60

ALLA SPERANZA Piazza del Campo, 33/34 Tel. +39 0577.280190 Closed Wednesday persons 35

ALTRI TEMPI DI VILLA SCACCIAPENSIERI Strada di Scacciapensieri, 10 Tel. +39 0577.41441 Closed Wednesday

ANTICA TRATTORIA BOTTEGANOVA Via Chiantigiana, 29 Tel. +39 0577.284230 Closed Monday persons 35/60

ANTICA TRATTORIA PAPEI Piazza del Mercato, 6 Tel. +39 0577.280894 Closed Monday persons 25/40

BISTROT Via del Rialto, 4 Tel. +39 0577.47243 Closed Thursady persons 15/20

BIZZARRI A. MARIA Via G. di Vittorio, 16 Closed Tuesday

CANE E GATTO Via Pagliaresi, 6 Tel. +39 0577.287545 Closed Thursady persons 30/50

CERTOSA DI MAGGIANO Via di Certosa, 82 Tel. +39 0577.288180 Closed Tuesday

CHINA TOWN Via Garibaldi, 13 Tel. +39 0577.289251 Closed Saturday

CHIUSARELLI Viale Curtatone, 15 Tel. +39 0577.288234 Closed Saturday

CIAO RISTORANTE SELF-SERVICE Piazza del Campo, 77 Tel. +39 0577.40187 Closed Tuesday

More restaurants visit Siena Restaurants


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