The Monterey Peninsula is situated 200 km south of San Francisco along the panoramic CA1. The area is renown for its beautiful landscapes and its rich and varied marine flora and fauna. The zone is the site of three charming towns: Monterey, Carmel and Pacific Grove. A detour from Pacific Grove takes the visitor along “17-Mile Drive”, a panoramic road surrounded by rare natural beauty, that passes sandy coves and rocky shores inhabited by sea lions, otters and seals. Carmel possesses the San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo Mission(1774), considered to be the finest in Northern California. Sacramento, founded in 1849 is the state capital and is s located 140 km east of Los Angeles along Interstate 80. The city contains many interesting buildings including: the State Capitol Building, constructed between 1860 and 1874; the Old Governor’s Mansion (1877); the Californian State Indian Museum, with a fine collection of Indian artefacts and the Old Sacramento Historic Park, the old historic centre with buildings dating back to 1860. Following the I80 for a further 160 km brings the visitor to Lake Tahoe. The lake, renown for its limpid waters, is situated in a valley in the Sierra Nevada and is the largest mountain lake in North America. The lake surrounded by thick forests and bordered by small beaches is the ideal location for those who wish to practise aquatic or winter sports. 250 km east of San Francisco it is possible to visit the famous and very popular Yosemite National Park. The park stands in the centre of the Sierra Nevada, and provides a spectacular display of nature: thundering waterfalls cascading down vertical, white-granite cliffs, forests of giant sequoias and meadows full of wild flowers, all this inhabited by deer, coyote, badgers and marmots. There are a host of trails and paths to be explored on foot. A bus leaves from the Visitor Center and takes the visitor to the more interesting points in the park.

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