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Reunion, born almost 3 million years ago, is a French tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Take an atlas and go down the East Coast of Africa as far as Mozambique: you will see Madagascar, and 500 miles further to the east, the Island of Reunion, close to Mauritius.

In a very small space (2,512 km), Reunion has most of the types of landscape existing on our planet: lush green mountains, circular mountain amphitheatres, waterfalls, forests, high plateaux, sandy deserts, canyons and a volcano, La Fournaise.

To enable you to explore them, the island has over 1000 kilometres of footpaths for walking, hiking and trekking, all in a very good condition. In addition, there is an incredible variety of sports you can practise.

The population of the island (850,996 inhabitants in 2016), of extraordinarily diverse origins, will give you a warm welcome, and all types of accommodation and catering are available : from the mountain cabin to the four-star hotel, from the roadside snack-bar to the luxury restaurant.

Finally, there is a rich and dynamic range of musical and cultural events : concerts, botanical gardens, creole estates or exhibitions.

Reunion Island offers a rich diversity of things to do: it's impossible to be bored here. Our role is to give you a professional selection of reliable information on this wonderful island. It's up to you to choose from then on.

To find out more on this beautiful country, I invite you to visit [1], the most reliable and up-to-date information portal on La Reunion.

Exploring Reunion IslandEdit

When it comes to visit Reunion Island, one of the best advice is to rent your own car and just plan one or two sites to visit per day. In the meantime, you will discover such a variety of landscape and vegetation across your road that every inch of this tiny country will be a real discovery to you.

In order to prepare your own trip, we have selected the best places to go and of course those you don't have to miss. Just take a tour on this section [2] of the website and get prepared, Reunion has a lot to offer you!