Poznan is a city in the West of Poland.

It's on route 92 (droga kwajowa 92).

To Germany, BerlinEdit

Go to the place called Ogrody (last station of many trams and buses) and take a bus no 61 to place called Krzyzowniki. Get out at the ninth stop called Ul Wichrowa and walk along the road for about 300 m then you will see gas station and McD's

Ask drivers there or stay on the road with sign or thumb. Also about 100 m after this place is a bus stop so its more convenient for drivers to stop their car.

Getting to WarsawEdit

The best way to get to Warsaw is to get out of the city first. Take the bus S1 and get off at a gas station at the road E40. There you should ask people who already stopped at the station or the traffic light, for probably noone else will do it.

Go to place called MILOSTOWO (last station of trams no. 6 and 8) and walk along the road about 100 m and you will see ORLEN gas station ... I saw many times people hh on the exit of this station (there is a place to stop the car) Second place is a bit further ... walk along the same road ... after 200–300 m you will see a bridge and Volkswagen factory ... hh straight after the bridge on the bus stop (there is plenty of cars and trucks who are going with road around poznan, so many of them are going for a longer distance, so you will avoid local traffic like its possible at first place i have mentioned ...) You can reach this place by taking abus no S-1 from place called RONDO SRODKA (behind Lotos gas station) ... after about 20 minutes bus will turn left (near LIDL shop) ... go out, turn back to main road and hh some meters after crossraod, junction, traffic lights, whatever ... about 300 m further from this place its a Shell petrol station and huge parking for truckers ... if you are not lucky try there also :)

Getting to Gdansk, Bydgoszcz (A1, E261/E75)Edit

Pretty easy, from the big Rondo (might be Rondo Srodka) and go north (follow the signs pointing to Bydgoszcz/Gdansk), get the bus 529 (really, this is a vague memory, might be 50-something, but its defo 3 digits, ask someone also at the bus stop) - around 10 stops - including driving through a little village, you'll go past the Poznan ring road, and will stop at a huge bus stop. Normally (when djdirect has done it) there's other hitchers here, so keep an eye out.