The French ConnectionEdit

Once the city of Pondicherry (now known by its new and ancient name of Puducherry) was the capital of French India, the regions of India under the rule of the France. Now, it is history - part of an era gone by. However, the French Connection of the place survives in its culture and a number of heritage monuments. Pondicherry has been variously described as "A little piece of Medieval France in India" or "A sleepy provincial French town in India" and these are really apt descriptions to describe the French aura surrounding Pondicherry - though this connection is more subtle and in a sense seems like a game of hide-and-seek. Thus, it is common to find a place in Pondicherry named West Boulevard and parallel to this will a Chinna Subbraya Street, a completely local Tamil name. Similarly, you will find a Des Bassyins de Richmont Street and a Mahatma Gandhi Road.

In fact, once you are in Pondicherry, its French past rolls by you in different ways and more you explore the place, more you feel the French Connection.

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