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 Accommodation with real Bedouin lifestyle, with the honest and real bedouin guy,  for one or more nights.Campsite with big or small tents in the mountains of (Little Petra and Wadi Araba desert in the vicinity of Petra /or Wadi Rum). Accommodation is in tents. Food is prepared on the fire, using the ancient Bedouin traditional ways, and enjoyed later together around the campfire. Dinner and breakfast are always included in the price Transportation from the Bedouin village in Petra to the campsite in Little Petra, Wadi Araba and Wadi Rum is also included in the price While being with the guide, it is also possible to take part in organized desert tours all over Jordan (Wadi Araba, Wadi Ram) or some of the main touristic attractions  (Petra, Aqaba, etc.), in small groups, with transportation and food included Transportation :How to get to the Bedouin village in Petra from the bus station in Wadi Musa: take a taxi for about 5JD. When you reach the Bedouin village  little petra bedouin village innmaine street, ask anybbedouin about nawwaf house (Bedouins are nice people that would be willing to help you); my house is next to the mosque. If you find any problem getting there, you can always call Nawwaf at :00962776882309 From Petra, the Bedouin village is very near, and can be easily reached by walking When meeting at the Bedouin village in Petra, any excessive luggage can be left at my home in bedouin village. From there you will be taken by jeep or pickup-truck to the Bedouin camp.

(this transportation is already included in the price). If needed and agreed beforehand, a pickup from Wadi Musa can be arranged

This is a truly magic Bedouin night in the desert with nawwaf Prices over night in Wadi Araba desert-95 JD over night in Wadi Rum - 115 JD over night in Little Petra Mouintain 85 JD

Transportation and from 1 to 2 hours tours in jeep dinner and breckfast included.there is camel tours

little petra mouintain accommodation and camel ride one way to the camp site, so all food in clouded

diiner and breckk fast.cost 185 JD per person wadi rum 215 JD,wadi Araba 195 JD

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