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Penns Grove has many attractions that will be of interest to the visitor who finds himself in this lovely location. Perhaps most famous is the "Little Italy" section of Penns Grove located on Pitman Street.

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Penns Grove is located in Salem County, in the Delaware River Region of New Jersey. It is surrounded by the township of Carneys Point. Penns Grove is a pleasant community located right on the banks of the Delaware River. In times past it was famous for its production of caviar.

The are many enjoyable activities to participate in while visiting Penns Grove. The first thing that most vacationers and sightseeers do is to take along the Delaware River and see the progress that is being made on the new Penns Grove Riverwalk project. Nearby is a famous avenue known as Pitman Street, home of many Italian immigrants who came from the town of Valle San Giovanni in the Abruzzo Italy.

Some visitors head straight to the house where the TV and movie actor John Forsythe, born John Freund on 29 January 1918, was born. Others prefer to start their visit at a spot historically known as “Tarzanville”, the exact setting where Rome 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist and world record holder Don Bragg used do his pole vault training.

It is well know that the movie actor Bruce Willis used to hang out frequently in “The Grove”. A hardware store on Penns Grove’s Main Street has for years carried the Willis name.

The gourmand will be quite happy to find himself in Pennns Grove. The most popular eating establishment is Di Paolo’s Italian Ristorante located on South Broad Street. Here you can sample authentic food just as it is experienced in Valle San Giovanni and Valle Soprana in the beautiful Abruzzo Region of Italy. Don’t forget to schmooze with the capo, Big Mikey, and to have a cannoli. Che buono! Ask for the scrippelle or the polpettine. If you call ahead you may even be able to order the timballo, a speciality enjoyed by guests visiting Casale in the Di Paolo’s Abruzzzo hometown.

Those looking for more casual fare will want to head east to the Roman Pantry, also owned and operated by a member of the dynastic Di Paolo family. Here you can see where Bruce Willis comes for his subs when he visits the Grove. The authentic food will delight your tastbuds until you finally can eat no more and shout out to the owners, “Basta…basta!” A bit further along this road and one comes across Cowtown, the oldest rodeo on the east coast located in Woodstown.



Penns Grove

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