Shopping in Karachi

Shopping should offer a really interesting pastime to the visitors, particularly in the local bazaars. The modern malls are also many in Karachi, but buying in the local bazaars has its own charm - you know the people closely and see them in action. This itself shall be a novel experience if you are not accustomed to move in the crowds while buying.

While roaming around the crowded bazaar of Karachi, you may look around to spot buys like brasswares; silverwares; special types of mirrors crafted by local artisans of Sindh; articles of carved wood and camel skin; handloom-made tapestries and printed fabrics. As is common in this part of the world, you are expected to bargain hard and more you bargain more discounts you may gain!

Shopping in Lahore

Lahore is a historically heritage city of Pakistan, and befitting its status as a heritage city, you may enjoy the pleasure of shopping in a style reminiscent of an era gone by. Thus, in Anarkali Bazaar, named after a gypsy girl and a courtesan in the Akbar's Court, you may satisfy your urge to bargain and buy in the narrow streets with stalls stocked with innumerable novelties: traditional and authentic glass bangles, leather articles, embroidered garments, ornaments of beaten gold and silver crafted in exotic designs, silk pieces and garments, and many more such things. At the same time, Lahore has modern malls and shopping arcades selling goods from almost any part of the world.