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Oregon, a state of the US, is great for hitchhiking. No long waiting times, and it's legal to walk on the freeway! Don't hesitate to actually do it, if you can't find a ride on the on-ramp. Lots of people do stop on the freeway. Cops won't harass you. And even trucks will stop on the on-ramps. Often you will find yourself dropped off at the exact place where you wanted to be.

edit: This is incorrect.


Florence Oregon is on the coast West of Eugene it is easy to get rides North or South on HWY 101 and East to Eugene on HWY126 if you wait on the outskirts of town. Lane Community College is open to the public for internet access etc. it is located at 3149 Oak Street just one block from the HWY.


Albany, Oregon can be one of the hardest towns to try to hitchhike out of. Although there are many gas stations within walking distance to the on- and off-ramps for I-5, Albanites tend to be not trusting of hitchhikers probably in part due to the more conservative nature of the town. If you're headed west on highway 20, you may be able to get a ride in the back of the ubiquitous pickups that the locals drive. For a ride down I-5, it's best just to stay on the freeway, though if you're personable enough you can always try the gas stations just off of the freeway.


In Ashland, Oregon you just get to the I-5 and wait on the on-ramp and you will easily and quickly find a ride.


Eugene is a college town in Oregon.

When going North, try to opt for a ride that will bring you directly- or most of the way- to your destination. While there are many laws that protect hitchhikers in the state of Oregon, the practice of hitchhiking can be somewhat frowned upon in small towns, such as Albany (Oregon), as well as the capital city of Salem, which both have reputations for being fairly conservative places.

It is difficult to get out of the city going North. If you're downtown, walk north on High, cross 6th, turn east (right) on 6th sidewalk. It curves left on bridges over tracks and river. Now you're on Coburg rd. 1/2 mile farther is on-ramp.

You can take a city bus (#12) past Gateway Mall to the intersection of Gateway and Beltline. There is an on-ramp just west of there.

If someone can give you a ride, the first rest stop north of Eugene (about 5-10 miles) is a great place to go from. Your driver will have to continue North for about 5 miles after dropping you off before being able to turn around. But the "old man" here says kids are usually gone by the time he drives by on his way back to Eugene. He took me once; worked like a charm.

When going South, you can take the 30th Avenue and head east. You can probably hitch a ride at a bus stop, especially during rush hour. At the on-ramp there's quite a lot of traffic, but you might be better off waiting on the freeway itself (which is legal in Oregon).


Portland is one of the biggest cities in Oregon, and a popular destination for drivers.

Most of the freeway on-ramps from within Portland do not allow adequate space for drivers to stop and pull-over for hitchhikers. Therefore, it is recommended that the best way to get out of Portland is to take the public transit system as far out of the city as possible, and try from an on-ramp that allows for more room to pull over.

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