Travel Tips for Backpackers coming to New Zealand

Travelling to New Zealand? The best way for backbackers to get around NZ is by bus. Railways are another option but since there are only about 4 railway routes in NZ, travelling by rail is not a very feasible option. You could hire a car or campervan but its an expensive option. There is good connectivity to all destinations with the bus services and all the accommodation and activity providers will come and pick you up and drop you off. Plus travelling by bus you get to look out the window and sight-see instead of having to keep your eyes on the road and you get the chance to meet new people.

Based on my experience in travelling in New Zealand with my mates, I am writing this to let others know of the best and cheap bus service in New Zealand-! have a variable price structure - the cheapest fares are only $1 (plus booking fee). Once all the $1 fares are filled then the price increases to the next level and once those are filled the price increases to the next level. So if you book early enough you can get an amazing bargin. The easy to use booking form shows you the current price of the trip and the price of other trips close to that time and date so you can choose to travel at another time if it is cheaper.

The booking fee is only 70 cents for web bookings and about $3 for agent bookings. At least 10% of fares are $1. The maximum price is always cheaper than other services offering the same. Each fare is made available six weeks out from the date of travel, so for the cheapest fares visit their website just after midnight!

Nakedbus are a good alternative to bus passes for backpackers and travellers bus travel. The booking fee is per credit card transaction, so you could book 10 different $1 fares in one go and only pay one 70 cent booking fee.

Nakedbus also have a loyalty program called nakedrewards where you can save up points and earn free bus travel.

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