Nürnberg is a city in Bavaria.

A9 direction Berlin or MünchenEdit

Go to Raststätte Feucht/Nürnberg (service station). From Nürnberg Hbf (the main train station) you take the S-Bahn to Feucht, where you have to walk through the whole neighbourhood until you get to the service station.

In the direction Gasthof Brückkanal, after the industrial zone (Obi, Macdonalds) there is a bus (line 678 in the direction of Schwabach Bahnhof, stop: Zeidlersiedlung). Follow the small street in the direction of the Gaststätte, which leads through the forest to the service station. There are stations on both sides, and a tunnel underneath the highway. Waiting times vary wildly.

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