Hitching in Morocco is good despite the scarcity of vehicles on some routes. Bring a big bottle of water, a hat, and maybe a book to read. Many people will not want payment, but it can be hard to avoid the interest of grand taxis (who will definitely want payment). Sticking out the index finger instead of the thumb is the local way apparently.

Compared to the hassle of the cities, hitching in Morocco is a very pleasant experience and a good opportunity to meet some genuine friendly people who don't want to sell you a carpet.

About border crossings:

"I was homosexually harassed by an older border policeman while coming from Morocco to Ceuta. I don´t forgive such, so I approached Moroccan consulates in both Malaga and London. In Malaga they obviously protect such criminals and London wasn´t very helpful either. I did send letters to the ministries of tourism and interior affairs, as well as to the border chief but nobody was interested. So, if you really have to come to this country, make sure you don´t cross the borders alone!"


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