Quebec city, capital of the province of the same name, is situated 270 km from Montreal. The city was one of the first European settlements on the American continent and even today still preserves the historic fort of Vieux Quebec, recognised in 1985 as a Unesco world heritage site. Vieux Quebec is divided into two main areas. Haut Ville, with its historic centre surrounded by a wall and the Citadel and Basse- Ville, the site of the original 1605 settlement. The main monument in Haute-Ville is the impressive Chateau Frontenac, dating back to 1893, now an enormous hotel complex and symbol of the city. Other interesting buildings include the Monasteres des Ursulines, Holy Trinity, Hotel-de-Ville( Town Hall), Notre-Dame-de-Quebec. The Citadel, located on the southern side of the Haute-Ville was the spectacular defence system built during the British Era and is characterized by thick walls separated by a moat. The Basse-Ville area is a dense assortment of recently restored period buildings, located around Place-Royale. The re-constructed Notre-Dame-des -Victoires, stands out among the buildings surrounding the square.

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