Italy Maiori Beach

Maiori Beach

Maiori is a town with approximately 6000 inhabitants on the Amalfi Coast in the Region of Campania in Italy. It has the longest beach of the coast and always was a popular holiday resort since Roman times. Today the main industry is tourism and many activities like the creation of the typical pottery of this region, that is best known from Vietri sul Mare, are connected directly.

This wonderful place has many monuments to visit and was often used as the scenery for films, in particular by Roberto Rossellini.

From Maiori you can visit many places, such as Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Salerno, Pompei, Naples, Paestum and many others.

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Castello di S. Nicola di Thoro PlanoEdit

(Castle of St. Nicolas of Thoro Plano)


Chiesa di S. NicolaEdit

(Church of St. Nicolas)

Collegiata di S. Maria a MareEdit

(Church of St. Maria a Mare)

Convento e chiesa di S. FrancescoEdit

(Convent and church of St. Francis)


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Crib's in winter timeEdit

In Maiori there is a very long tradition in building cribs. You find them of course in churches, but also in public places. A particular one is the crib that is built each year in the Mezzacapo gardens. In the monastery of S. Francesco each year there is a crib exhibition where one can vote the one he likes best which then wins a prize. Please find photos of the cribs in the gallery.

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