Hitchiking in Maine is fairly simple. Most drivers will stop for you, even in "No hitchhiking zones", which are generally along large interstates (such as I-95). There are "No hitchhikers" signs posted just past some of the on-ramps, so be sure to stand a good distance in front of them, as to not intimidate drivers. Thumbing the on-ramps to these freeways _is_ legal, and amylin waited no more than 5 minutes at most of the on-ramps to I-95 South on a clear day in November.

From the airportEdit

Getting a ride from the Portland, ME International Airport (PWM) is fairly simple, since there is only one road to exit the airport: Jetport Blvd. If you walk backwards along this road with your thumb out, you have a fairly good chance of getting a ride. There is also a pick-up/ drop-off spot just outside the exit, where people often wait for Taxis and car rides. You might get a ride by talking to the people waiting here, as well. Oftentimes, they can be friendly.

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