Magdeburg is a city in Germany.

The service station at the highway entry in the north of Magdeburg, direction A2 can't be recommended. Employers and boss of the station state that it's illegal to start talking to people and will probably call the cops. So get a ride quickly or deal with this kind of shit.

Heading East (Berlin) Edit

The service station Börde-Süd is a pretty nice starting point for hitchhikers - how to get there:

  • At the central bus station - Damaschkeplatz hinter behind Hauptbahnhof - take the bus number 615 in direction of Eichenbarleben
  • Your exit: bus stop Mammendorf (Eichenbarleben)
  • From here you can walk to Börde-Süd
  • This map may help you; the service station is in on the right side at the upper corner

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