Tunde KebabEdit

Lucknow is not famous for its tehzib (etiquette), nafasat (delicate style) and many monuments, it is also known for many other things, one being a special type of delicacy, the famous melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, Tunde Kebab. It looks like all other kebabs, that is grilled meat, but after that the similarity ends. Its history is about 150 years old. The legend associated with Tunde Kebabs states that a nobleman when he grew old had lost his teeth, but still wanted to enjoy his favourite snack, Kebabs. He commissioned his master chef named Haji Murad Ali to research and create a special kebab, which did not require chewing and which would virtually melt in the mouth. The result was a kebab the recipe for which is a family secret and is believed to use at least 160 spices and other ingredients mixed with minced mutton or beef. Haji Murad Ali’s son was more enterprising, he not only continued the tradition of preparation of these Kebabs, but also commercialized it by selling the same. As he was a tunda (one-armed), these kebabs became famous as Tunda or Tunde Kebabas. A restaurant near the Akbari Gate (Chowk area) Tunde’s Kebabs prepares and sells these kebabs, and everyday scores of visitors and the residents throng the place to saviour the delicious Tunde kebabs. With the expansion of Lucknow, the craze for these kebabs has increased, and currently they are also available in the Nazirabad-Aminabad junction area where the original restaurant opened a branch about 15 years ago, and more recently in the Saharaganj Mall. In case, you happen to be in Lucknow, you may taste these melt-in-the-mouth Kebabas.