London is the capital of the United Kingdom.

More informationEdit

  • Hitchbase has some information about hitchhiking out of London

Hitchhiking out of London is pretty tricky, but not impossible - the big problem is getting onto a motorway is a bit of a challenge, once you're on the motorway, stick to the petrol stations, hitching entrance ramp to entrance ramp is quite difficult, especially in the big cities.

How to get onto the M4 MotorwayEdit

  • Directions:

Get the Underground to the station Chiswick Park - from there you can find the entrance to the motorways M4 - its about 5 miles to the actual entrance to the M4, but you can walk along the main road for a mile and there's an Esso petrol station that is on the corner next to a bridge with the main london traffic running above you, and you can stand in a layby nearby with a sign saying M4 west, and someone will pick you up.

Heading for Cornwall, its much easier hitching the M4 and changing to the M5 than trying to hitch the M3.

How to get onto the M20 MotorwayEdit

  • Where to: Dover, The Channel Tunnel, France
  • Cost of public transport: One ticket to Zone 1 (approximately 2 GBP from Zone 1), one train ticket (approximately 3 GBP)
  • Last verified: March 2006
  • Directions

Get the Underground to London Bridge Station and get the commuter train to a station called Mottingham - this is very close to the entrance to the M20 to Dover, head for Great Sidcup road and around 800 yards farther down the road is a set of traffic lights (there's some car showrooms just to the left), and you can hold a sign saying Dover here and try to get the cars stopped at the lights to let you jump in.

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