600px-I-5 svg
Interstate 506
Interstate 992
Interstate 999

Alternate Interstate 5 is an alternate version to interstate 5 and is runs from villarruel city to alantown

Interstate 506 is an interstate that runs from foxford to alantown its that largest interstate in the villarruel area

Interstate 992 is an interstate that runs from i-506 in alantown to us 444 in villarruel city

Interstate 999 is an interstate that runs from i-992 to solis st in alantown

82px-US 101 (CA) svg

U.S. Route 101 is a large highway that runs in eureka part of the villarruel area.

600px-I-10 svg

Alternate Interstate 10 is an interstate that runs from garcia st to sr 30 in san manuel

600px-I-80 svg
Alternate Interstate 80 is an interstate that runs from solis st in san manuel to i-506 in foxford

Historic U.S Route 99 runs from sr 30 to i-506 in foxford

California 444

U.S Route 444 runs from i-992 to sr 42 in villarruel city


Alternate State Route 1 runs from sr 31 to historic us 99 in san manuel


State Route 31 runs from i-506 to chavez st in foxford

99 (1)
Alternate State Route 33 runs from historic us 99 to i-506 in foxford

State Route 42 runs from i-506 to us 444 in villarruel city

Alternate State Route 99 in the same road as i-506 just in another lane then ends in foxford.

449px-California 255.svg
State Route 255 doesent run in the villarruel area and its like 101 that is not in the area but close to the area.

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