Dog Friendly Lake District Hotels

For the 7.4 million UK dog owners the question of where to go on holiday also includes a decision about the dog.

The decision on whether you are able to take your dog on holiday with you is asked by all dog owners before booking. While some pets go to friends, family or kennels, many people take their faithful friends with them, but the reality of which dog friendly hotel, self-catering property or guest house can be another matter.

It wasn’t long ago that taking a dog on holiday meant booking a lower quality hotel than they would normally book. Thankfully more and more luxury hotels are allowing dogs. It makes sense for the hotel industry with such a large percentage of the UK population being dog owners. Kennel can often be expensive so dog owners end up spending nearly double the cost of a normal holiday if they can’t take their dogs with them. Some dog friendly hotels charge as little as £5 a night for a dog and they get their full monies worth through fuss and even doggy cakes on arrival.

It isn’t just than dog friendly hotels cater for dogs staying. Some dog friendly hotels offer dog walking services so should you go on a day trip that isn’t ideally suited for a dog then they can relax in the knowledge that their dog is being exercised by staff – far better than being cooped up in a room all day. Twice a day they can be taken on a short or long walk around the grounds of the hotel, giving them a chance to smell and experience new places while their masters try something else.

Dog friendly hotels are geared up for dogs and the staff are always fully prepared for the extra guests. Many owners and their dogs will come back year after year to the same dog friendly hotel if both themselves and their dog are looked after exceptionally. The dog walking service for example gives great flexibility for an owner especially in the hotel summer months.

Dog friendly Lake District hotels are perfectly situated for dog lovers, with ambling rivers and lake side walks from the door and more challenging fells all around and research shows that a massive 84% of over 45 year olds prefer to walk in picturesque settings. That’s why so many dog lovers visit the Lake District and the Keswick area in particular. Keswick even has some great art galleries and museums to visit should walking the fells not be to your liking and if the weather is favourable, then a trip on the Keswick launch on Derwantwater can’t be beaten.

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