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Black Bear Falls: Black Bear Falls, a multi-level exhibit, brings visitors as close as they should get to a black bear. The three-fourths of an acre, open-air exhibit houses the zoo's three American black bears and is designed to simulate the Great Smoky Mountains.

Chimp Ridge: Opened in 1999, this open-aired lush, rainforest outcrop enclosure is home to Common chimpanzees. Knoxville Zoo is home to eight chimpanzees including George, the first chimp born at Knoxville Zoo in 20 years.

Grasslands Africa: Opened in August 2002, this area is home to Grasslands Africa is home to various animals native to the grasslands of Africa including Reticulated giraffes, Common eland, Grant's zebra, Greater kudu, Common waterbuck, Thomson's gazelle and African elephants. Each animal has special adaptations which enable it to survive.

Meerkat Lookout: Located in Grassland Africa, this exhibit opened in April 2003 and is home to two mobs of Slender-tailed meerkats.

The Clayton Family Kids Cove: The Clayton Family Kids Cove is one of Knoxville Zoo's most fun-filled exhibits. This children's play area is based on an early 1900s Appalachian farm. While kids of all ages enjoy the zoo, Kids Cove is aimed specifically at those 12 and under. Many animals in Kids Cove are heirloom species and represent those animals that were found on farms throughout East Tennessee around the turn of the century. The barnyard features animals including Domestic goats, Llamas, Domestic sheep and Domestic cattle which kids can touch and brush.

The Barn Loft: Located across from the carousel, the Barn Loft features animals typically found in East Tennessee barns including owls, snakes, mice and more. The Night Club: Nocturnal animals are awake and busy in this nighttime exhibit. The Night Club features species native to Tennessee, but because they only come out at night, the exhibit simulates nighttime so the animals can be viewed in their naturalistic habitats. Skunks, American raccoons, and even bats are very interesting creatures to watch in the dark of night Beaver Pond and Songbird Aviary: The beaver pond is a Knoxville Zoo favorite. See the beavers up close as they swim, build dams, and even sneak a peek into their dens. The songbird aviary offers additional viewing of the beavers as well as several species of songbirds native to East Tennessee.

The Boyd Family Red Panda Village: Since 1978, red pandas have been a big part of Knoxville Zoo. The first cubs were born in 1979 and since then the zoo has never looked back. Ninety-three cubs have been born at Knoxville Zoo, more than any other zoo in the Western Hemisphere. Currently there is one male and two females residing at Knoxville Zoo who are recommended for breeding. Breeding season occurs early in the year and typically the cubs are born around June. Knoxville Zoo has had tremendous success breeding red pandas and is a leader in red panda conservation.

Other Featured Animals: There are mammals like the Bengal and Indochinese tigers, Geoffrey's marmoset, Red wolf, Southern white rhinoceros, White-handed gibbons, African wild dog, North American river otter, Black-tailed prairie dog, African lion and Western lowland gorillas. Also bird species like the African penguin, African Grey parrot, Scarlet Macaw, Southern Ground hornbill and Toco Toucans. Lastly there are Reptile and Amphibian species: African Bush Viper, Aldabra Tortoise, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Arizona Black Rattlesnake, Arizona Ridgenose Rattlesnake, Aruba Island Rattlesnake, Black Breasted Leaf Turtle, Black-Tailed Rattlesnake, Blanding's Turtle, Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Burmese Star Tortoise, Bushmaster, Central American Ratsnake, Central American Wood Turtle, Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnake, Chinese Alligator, Common Snake-Neck Turtle, Common Spider Tortoise, Cornsnake, Eastern Box Turtle, Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, Florida Box Turtle, Forest Cobra, Gila Monster, Gray-banded Kingsnake, Green Tree Python, Indian Star Tortoise, Kenyan Sand Boa, Madagascar Cat-eyed Snake, Madagascar Tree Boa, Malagasy Flat-tailed Tortoise, Malagasy Ground Boa, Mexican Beaded Lizard, Mexican Lance Headed Rattlesnake, Mole Kingsnake, New Caledonian Gecko, New Guinea Blue-tongue Skink, North American Wood Turtle, Northern Copperhead, Northern Spider Tortoise, Pancake Tortoise, Philippine Pit Viper. Prehensile Tail Skink, Pueblan Milk Snake, Radiated Tortoise, Razorback Musk Turtle, San Luis Potosí Kingsnake, Scarlet Kingsnake, Shield Nosed Cobra, Southern Spider Tortoise, Speckled Cape Tortoise, Spiny Hill Turtle, Standing's Day Gecko, Taylor's Cantil, Timber Rattlesnake, Timor Python, Trans Pecos Ratsnake, West African Gaboon Viper, White Lipped Python, Yellow -Margined Box Turtle, Yellow Blotched Map, Turtle Yonahlossee salamander

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