Kamagasaki is the largest slum in Japan. It is located in Nishinari, Osaka City. It includes Taishi, Haginochaya, Hanazonokita.

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Hotels and lodgingEdit

There are approximately 200 cheap accommodations in Kamagasaki.

Osaka Shin-Imamiya Guesthouse for Budget Tourists, Nishinari-ku, Osaka City

Cheap Hostels in Osaka


  • Shinbashi - 1-2-24 Taishi
  • Toyo 1-3-5 Taishi


  • Kaga - 1-12-21 Haginochaya
  • Park - 2-3-17 Haginochaya


  • Motose - 2-6-2 Hanazonokita


  • Rotary - 1-4-20 Tengachayakita
  • New Roka - 2-1-21 Tengachayakita
  • Yoshiya - 1-16-17 Tengachayahigashi


  • OS Theater 2-14-20 Sanno
  • Kansai New Art 2-9-1 Tsurumibashi
  • Suzunariza 2-9-1 Tsurumibashi
  • Bainanza 1-8-21 Bainan
  • Tobitatoei 2-14-3 Sanno


  • Super Tamade

Imaike Branch 2-3-7 Taishi

Shinimamiya Branch 1-1-10 Hanazonokita

Hanazono Branch 2-15-23 Hanazonokita

Tengachaya Branch 2-1-15 Taishi

  • Izumiya

1-2-4 Hanazonominami

Maps and transportationEdit

Getting to KamagasakiEdit

  • From Kansai International Airport

Get on Nankai Railway or JR West train and get off a train at Shin-Imamiya Station.

Exploring KamagasakiEdit


West Japan Railway Company

  • Osaka Loop Line: Shin-Imamiya Station


Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau

  • Midosuji Line: Doubutuen-mae Station
  • Sakaisuji Line: Doubutuen-mae Station, Tengachaya Station
  • Yotsubashi Line: Hanazonocho Station, Kishinosato Station, Tamade Station

Nankai RailwayEdit

  • Nankai Line: Shin-Imamiya Station, Tengachaya Station, Kishinosatotamade Station
  • Koyasan Line: Shin-Imamiya Station, Haginochaya Station, Tengachaya Station, Kishinosatotamade Station
  • Shiomibashi Line: Kizugawa Station, Tsumori Station, Nishitengachaya, Kishinosatotamade Station

Hankai RailwayEdit

  • Hankai Line: Minamikasumicho Station, Imaike Station, Imafune Station, Matsudacho Staition, Kitatengachaya Staition, Shotenzaka Staition, Tenjinnomori Staition, Higashitamade Staition, Tsukanishi Staition

Practical information and resourcesEdit

Nishinari Ward


  • Restaurant Takara Haginochaya branch - 3-8-24 Haginochaya
  • Restaurant Takara Shin-Imamiya branch - 1-7-4 Haginochaya
  • Osaka Ramen(Chinese Restaurant)

1-3-16 Tengachaya

  • Ramen Ichiban (Chinese Restaurant)

1-16-24 Sanno

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Tobita-Shinchi is a surviving brothel district located in the Sanno 3chome area of Nishinari-ku, Osaka. Tobita-Shinchi had been one of the largest police sactioned redlight districts in Japan until 1958, when anti-prostitution laws went into effect. Since that time, it seems to have still been business as usual for the brothels in the area, however, they operate largely under the guise of being "Japanese-style restaurants".

Standard ChargeEdit

  • 15-minutes: 11,000 yen
  • 20-minutes: 16,000 yen
  • 30-minutes: 21,000 yen
  • 40-minutes: 31,000 yen
  • 60-minutes: 41,000 yen

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