The Indiana Toll Road is certainly worthy of an article.  It covers interstates 80 and 90.

One of these days I will drive my 4 wheeler on it.  This will allow me to photograph the toll booths.

If you have seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind you may remember the police chasing the UFO through the toll booth.  The were several things wrong with that scene.  First the Indiana Toll Road is in the northern part of the state.  You may also remember the collector saying, "Hey that's Ohio! That's a quarter!" and the signs listing the price of the toll.  You won't see either of those because the Indiana Toll Road is a ticket system.

There was a time when the Indiana Toll was owned by the government. Then it got sold to some Australians. The road went downhill. For example, fewer repairs are made and plowing is not as frequent. There is a running joke about how Stevie Wonder knows that he is on the Indiana Toll Road because it is bumpier than the Ohio Turnpike. Thanks to privatization also accept and E-Z Pass and plastic.

The service plazas sell BP fuel. There is one for each direction of traffic.


The Indiana toll road is popular with Greyhound buses. You may find it harder to sleep when the bus enters Indiana as it can get a little bumpy. If your bus passes the Elkhart Service Plaza you will spend some time there.

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