The Humboldt Bay Area, commonly known as the Bay Area, is a region that surrounds part of Humboldt County, California, the Major Cities are San Antonio, the home to Alanwood, headquarters to many websites, and YouTube channels, and Eureka, home to the Carson Mansion, and Arcata, home to Humboldt State University, and Myrtletown home to Redwood Acres Fairgrounds


Historical populations
Census Pop.
1860 4,074
1870 10,808 133.0%
1880 12,128 58.8%
1890 17,618 29.7%
1900 18,111 20.2%
1910 25,708 40.7%
1920 32,911 27.8%
1930 38,009 33.4%
1940 34,308 9.9%
1950 36,322 54.6%
1960 38,939 35.7%
1970 40,199 27.2%
1980 45,784 11.9%
1990 48,577 16.3%
2000 50,760 12.6%
2010 86,739 5.4%
Note: 9 County Population Totals

According to the 2010 United States Census, the population was 7.15 million in the nine counties bordering the San Francisco Bay.[1] In 2010 the racial makeup of the nine-county Bay Area was 52.5% White including white Hispanic, 6.7% non-Hispanic African American, 0.7% Native American, 23.3% Asian, 0.6% Pacific Islander, 10.8% from other races, and 5.4% from two or more races. The population was 23.5% Hispanic or Latino of any race.[22][1]

In 2007 the population density was 1,057 people per square mile. There were 2,499,702 housing units with an average family size of 3.3. Of the 2,499,702 households, approximately one-third were renter occupied housing units, while two-thirds were owner occupied housing units. 12.7% had a female householder with no husband present, 11.6% of households had someone 65 years of age or older, and 27.4% of households were non-families.[1]

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the wealthiest regions in the U.S, due, primarily, to the economic power engines of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. Pleasanton has the second highest household income in the country after New Canaan, CT. However, discretionary income is very comparable with the rest of the country, primarily because the higher cost of living offsets the increased income.[23]

Forty-seven Bay Area residents made the Forbes magazine's 400 richest Americans list, published in 2007.[24] Thirteen live within San Francisco proper, placing it seventh among cities in the world. Among the forty-two were several well-known names such as Steve Jobs, George Lucas, and Charles Schwab. The highest-ranking resident is Larry Ellison of Oracle at No. 4. He is worth $19.5 billion.

A study a Capgemini indicates that in 2009, 4.5% of all households within the San Francisco-Oakland and San Jose metropolitan areas held $1 million in investable assets, placing the region No. 1 in the United States (Metro New York City placed second at 4.3%).[25]

As of 2007, there were approximately 80 public companies with annual revenues of over $1 billion a year, and 5–10 more private companies. Nearly 2/3 of these are in the Silicon Valley section of the Bay Area. According to the May 2010 Fortune Magazine analysis of the US "Fortune 500" companies, the combined San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland metropolitan region ranks second (after metro New York City and before Chicago) with 30 companies (May 2011, Fortune Magazine).[26]

Humboldt Bay Area

Common name: San Francisco Bay Area or Bay Area

Largest city San Antonio
Other cities




- Total 86,989
- Density 1023.76/sq. mi.


Area 6,984 sq. mi.

18,088 km²

State(s) California
- Highest point

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