A good place to travel is certainly the South Asia. For example, if you want to have China Tours, you may start out by booking an airline ticket. But how you can make it? The following is some advises for getting a good price. I am sure you would have an enjoyable china travel

Check the prices online and compare the rates on different websites. There are a lot of websites that would have a list of all the prices. Have a comparison between all these prices and find one that is cheap for you.

Choose some budget airline companies. If you are traveling domestically within China, there are several cheap airline companies and their prices are always cheap such as Spring Airlines.

Keep an eye on the websites of some big airline companies too. They would also have some big discounts sometimes in order to attract more customers and to promote their business. If you find one, you can do it directly on their websites.

Choose a right time of your trip. Normally if you travel in a hot season, you would find it difficult to get a good price. So you should choose to travel in an off-season. Or otherwise you should book an airline ticket ahead of time like a month or two month ahead of time. You can also make your flight time flexible such as in the early morning or at late night. Purchase a round-trip ticket. In order to get a best price airline ticket, you can also choose to buy a round-trip ticket from the same airline company. In this way, they would give you more discounts than you do it separately.

To do it through some consolidators. There are many airline tickets consolidators. They have a lot of cheap airline tickets too. If you consult some of them, maybe you can get some cheap ones. To do it through a travel agency. Some big travel agency would have some cheap airline tickets too. You can consult some of the travel agencies and they would offer you some good prices.

You can also ask questions online directly. If you ask a question online, the consolidators or the travel agency would see it and they may give you some information. In this way, you don’t have to keep an eye on the computer all the time. You just have to wait. But in this case, you should be able to figure out whether they are official or illegal ones. You should be careful about it.

If you are interested in traveling, you should keep these advises in mind. For more information about traveling to China, you can go to Air China.