HOSTEL is a type of low budget accommodation that became very popular between travelling youth. Young people nowadays prefare to stay in accommodations where they can meet other travelers, exchange experience, travel opinios and save some money! Hostels provide also lot of enterteinement and events that are guided by the members of the staff and allow guests to use the discounts for club entrances and drinks. GREG & TOM HOSTELS is a brand already known worldwide thanks to the comments and ratings of its guests. The company caratterises itself by its high quality of service and convenient price for service. Thanks to its cooperation with Cracow City Tours the clients of Greg & Tom hostels receive the usage of discounts for the most most famous trips and tours. Greg & Tom hostels are the ONLY HOSTELS in Cracow that serve it's guests FREE SUPPERS and FREE BREAKFASTS EVERY DAY of THE WEEK! The staff members guide the evening events like vodka & beer tasting tours or saint Ptricks Day, Valentine's Day and more. Every Wednesday there is a special vodka tasting event (VODKA FESTIVAL)with vide variety of best polish liquores served in the chilled room of the common area. On Fridays the staff organizes evening with guided club cruising. The rooms are cosy and there is lot of coomon area where the travellers can meet watch movies, listen to music or just play on the Play Station. The hostels is the best place to socialize with fellow travellers and relax after all day of sightseeing.

GREG & TOM JUNIOR hostel is the newest of the hostel family of Greg & Tom. The Junior was created in 2009 and is now considered the TOP RATED HOSTEL IN KRAKÓW according to online booking portals such as and The hostel has been awarded many times for being THE BEST HOSTEL IN EASTERN EUROPE, for it's BEST VALUE, ATMOSPHERE and STAFF.

SPECIAL DINNER MENU is created with an idea to give foreigners the possibility to taste the best polish homemade cuisine done at the hostel. The meals are prepared daily form fresh ingredients and lwith ot of side salads, fruits and scnacks. The hostels doesn't charge it's guests for the food all year long!

Monday – yumi Hamburgers & Salads

Tuesday – Polish Traditional Soups

Wednesday - SaladBuffet (vegetarian invited :)

Thursday – “Pierogi” Feast (polish dumplings)

Friday – costumize your tasty Hot Dog & salads

Saturday – Croquets (cabadge & meat filling )with traditional 'barszcz' soup

Sunday - delicious Spaghetti with a variety of salsas


So...why should you choose Greg & Tom Junior Hostel?

Well, if you wish to meet Polish students that will give you the full introduction to Kraków's best and cheapest attractions including bars, clubs and underground social spots known only by the natives, be taken out every night (if you only survive :) ) to our special Vodka & Beer Tasting Tour - THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Greg & Tom Junior's crazy guests party all night long and can join the sport-group-activities guided by our staff (group biking, scooter speeding, gokarts and more during the SPRING/SUMMER season)!!!

If you're only looking for a cheap bed in KRAKOW - keep looking for another hostel :) At Junior’s the best party and fun is included in price! And we organize non-stop events also (scroll down to see what’s taking place in the next few weeks).

Need more details? Read on...

We' have legendary staff that speak six languages: Polish, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. We're young, beautiful, bubbly and professional and we'll join you during our daily events:

And if you’re tired of always being late for breakfast after all night partying in the weekend, at Junior we let you sleep longer! On weekends breakfast is served from 6am-1pm...Sleep Well!

Check out our newest promo video 2011 :

Get party up-dated thanx to our Facebook:

Greg & Tom Junior Hostel's FACILITIES

• Super Modern Common Rooms equipped with huge TV and TV/SAT: only 500 channels! Free movie rental (full list of more than 30 films!) or you can try and kick our asses at Wii or PlayStation!

•futuristic shower facilities with water jets&radio

•Washing&Drying / washing powder and softening liquid

•24-h fridge with sodas and mineral waters

•dormitory rooms varying from 4 to 10-pax with the added benefit of private room options (twin and 3-pax)

•kitted out a fully-fitted kitchen ( microwave, fridge, oven and toaster), with all-you-can-eat breakfasts between 6 am and 11 am, dinners, pasta buffets, regular vodka supplies:)

•Coffee, tea, milk, fruits and a range of cereals are available free 24h a day.

•FREE in-room safe deposit boxes and individual lockers (with padlocks)

•Really cheap international calls

•city guides, maps, free shots vouchers, clubs invitations, discounts for pubs, bars, bike rental places, restaurants, bookshops

• CD and DVD burners, adapters, printer •24-h tourism spot with tickets special price for ttrips to Auschwitz, Wieliczka Salt Mines, Zakopane - we also arrange individual reservations, airport transfers etc.,

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