If you're new to Wikia, I've started a brief list of new user hints. This is not meant to be a replacement for the help or tuturial pages mentioned below. It is simply a primer for new users. Please add to the list if you can.


  • Be sure to use the "show preview" button below the edit box (next to the "save page" button).
  • Did you know that you can create a link to a local page by simply putting its title in square brackets? So [[Main Page]] in the edit box becomes Main Page.
  • If in trouble, try the Project:Help pages.
  • For more editing suggestions, please check out the tutorial.
  • One tip to help you start communicating with other users. To leave a comment on someone's talk page, add four ~ symbols at the end of your talk page posts, like this: ~~~~ Your signature and a timestamp will be automatically added. Leave a note on mine if you want to try.
  • To insert an image, use the "insert image" link which is presented next to all the buttons on an edit page. To see the link, click on the edit tab at the top of any page.