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Grand cayman

Image of Grand Cayman Island taken by NASA.

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands at about 196 km² and contains the capital George Town. Towns on the island are referred to as "districts". It is located at 19°20′N 81°13′W. The island is a low-lying limestone reef, with a highest elevation of roughly 60 feet above sea level. There is no natural fresh water (lakes, rivers, etc.) on the island, so any fresh water needs must be met by catchments or desalination of seawater. Edit this section or read more

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The Residences At The Ritz-Carlton. 5 Star Grand Cayman vacations await. Reserve a luxury suite on Seven Mile Beach at the Ritz-Carlton. 1-6 bed condos and villas. 345.326.1278.



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  • Silver Rain, a La Prairie Spa. Provides a brilliant and seductive world of well-being. Whatever is purest and rarest has been incorporated into both products and services.[1]

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Blue by Eric Ripert - A fine dining experience that elevates fresh seafood to perfection.[2]

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