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Giessen Panorama vom Physikgebäude

A panoramic view of Gießen

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Getting to Gießen /Giessen

Gießen has a huge station with a number of train connections going to Frankfurt, Lahn Dill district, Fulda, Kassel, Limburg and even to the neighbour states North Rhine-Westphalia (Siegen) and Rhineland-Palatinate (Koblenz, Bad Ems). Bus connection is provided by many public transport companies as following:

  • Stadtwerke Gießen (SWG) - providing the city bus lines connecting all districts in Gießen and even the bus line 24 that connects the cities Gießen and Wetzlar
  • Regionalverkehr Kurhessen (RKH) - the Regionalverkehr bus company that almost operating all over Hessen. Connections from Gießen to: Lahn Dill district, Wetterau district, almost all places in the Gießen district as well as some small parts in the Kassel district
  • Verkehrsgesellschaft Oberhessen (vgo) - this bus company were established in September 2005 by fusion with some independent bus companies in Wetterau, Volgelsberg and Giessen districts. They mainly operating former RKH courses as well as some bus lines that were operated by small independent bus companies.
  • Verkehrsbetrieb Lahn-Dill (VLD) - now part of the big French transport company TRANSDEV. The operating area is usually the Lahn Dill district but some bus lines are operated within the Giessen district and directly to Giessen.

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