In World Geography, Georgia may refer to a number of places, and some of the major ones are noted below:

  • Georgia (country), a nation in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.
    • Formerly, the "Republic of Georgia" (1990-1995)
    • Formerly, the Georgian SSR, part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1921-1991).
    • Formerly, the Democratic Republic of Georgia (DRG) (1918-1921)
  • Georgia (U.S. state), a state of the United States of AmericaU.S. state)]]
    • Formerly, the Province of Georgia, a British colony (1732-1776) and one of the original thirteen colonies to rebel.
  • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, a territory of the United Kingdom in the South Atlantic Ocean
  • Strait of Georgia, also known as the Gulf of Georgia, a 240 km(150 mi)-long strait between Vancouver Island and the mainland Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada
  • Georgia (Vermont), a town in the United States of America
  • New Georgia, an island in the Solomon Islands.
  • Georgia (Cornwall), a village in England

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